The Symposium is Tomorrow!

Here are some of the great organizations whose representatives will be at the symposium (those listed are those who have provided permission for their names to appear on our website):

– Brother’s Brother
– Friends of Haiti
– Global Links
– Greater Works Outreach
– GSPIA Center for Disaster Management
– Haitian Families First
– Hearts for the Hungry
– Hopital Albert Schweitzer
– Medwish
– Pittsburgh Kids Foundation
– Pittsburgh Regional Haiti Solidarity Committee, a project of the Thomas Merton Center
– Surtab
– Thread International


Event Agenda


   9:00 – 9:15      Arrival, coffee, settle in at first table

   9:15 – 9:40        Welcome, brief talk on collaborative networks

   9:40 – 10:40     Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities Exercise (x 2 rounds)

  10:40 – 11:40    People-Centered Development Discussion


  11:40 – 12:15     Lunch


  12:15 – 1:15       Panelists’ intros, questions for 30 mins

   1:15 – 1:45        Discuss uses, formation of network

   1:45 – 2:00      Review day and something to implement

   2:00 – 2:30     Post-symposium networking as desired.

Statement of Purpose

The Planning Committee had a great, productive meeting this week!  Our discussion has helped to solidify the approach to this Symposium, and we would like to share our statement of purpose and our objectives with you:


The Pittsburgh area is home to many varied people and organizations doing important and interesting work in Haiti.  While this situation allows for the fostering and implementation of diverse ideas and projects, it can also lead to problems such as duplication of efforts and donor fatigue.

The Pittsburgh Haiti Symposium will be a venue to find ways in which we can work together to make more of a difference as a community, as organizations, and as individuals.  We will collectively identify and explore the complex issues so that we can all come away from the Symposium with new ideas, potential partners and collaborators, and enhanced communication among organizations.


The Symposium will:

  • Create an space to discuss complex issues faced by Pittsburgh-based organizations working in Haiti.
  • Identify opportunities,  overlap, and gaps in the community to maximize impact and minimize waste while meeting new and existing challenges.
  • Increase public awareness of (and interest in) Pittsburgh’s presence in Haiti.
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration.
  • Showcase each organization’s projects and plans.
  • Set the stage for future communication and collaboration through face-to-face meetings and online social media.


Pittsburgh in Haiti

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Thank you for visiting the webpage for the Pittsburgh Haiti Symposium!  This space will be used to provide updates and information, so please make sure to check back with us often.  Please feel free to email abigail.salisbury[at] if you have any questions about the Symposium and click on the “Register!” tab above to RSVP for the event.